New AWS Certifications – Addendum

Success breeds Success, as a study confirms ( We can confirm the study, as Rubi Patlan from MCON, Office Puebla just earned another certificate:

AWS Data Analytics Fundamentals

We save ourselves another photo of a happy and smiling co-worker this time (you can believe she does), as we expect some more good news in the very near future.

New AWS certifications

We are proud to announce three additional AWS certifications, namely:

Josué Ramos, MCON Office Puebla – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Rubi Patlan, MCON Office Puebla – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Cherif Sy, MCON Office Morocco – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The photos reflect how happy our engineers are with their new certifications, as they are not easy to get. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we feel obligated to constantly build up expertise by training our engineers to receive AWS validated qualifications and certifications.