outage DC3.HAM (Colt Telecom)

Since today around 1 am we are experiencing connectivity issues in our colocation DC3.HAM. We have created a ticket to Colt Telekom after initial investigation, since then we are pushing Colt Telekom. As of now we are in the 2nd highest escalation level and in the process of escalating to level 5 (VP at Colt). We seriously apologize for the inconvenience, be assured that we keep pushing. We have no explanation for this unbelievable bad service from Colt Telecom
update 09:35: escalation level 5 at Colt Telecom now.
the issue from our analysis is clear, ipv4 routing problem on Colt Telecom side
update 10:30: Colt Telecom has resolved the issue, DC3.HAM is reachable again
info: also our ticket system was affected, we apologize for late answers