Resolved: DC3HAM Network Outage

Update 04:26 PM CEST:


Commercial power was restored, thus restoring services to a stable state.

We will provide details about exact root cause once we received from provider Lumen.

Update 04:12 PM CEST:

Transport NOC reports the main power breakers have been reset and commercial power is restored to the location. The team is working to turn individual breakers on one at a time to restore equipment. Services will begin to restore as each breaker is energized.

Update 02:59 PM CEST:

Field Operations have arrived on site and determined a commercial power failure to be the cause of impact to services. The local power provider has been engaged to assist with restoral efforts.

Update 02:05 PM CEST:

Lumen is still working on the issue

There is a major network event in Frankfurt, Germany that effects our services on a global scale, depending on the routing our services in our Colocation in Hamburg might not be reachable. The provider Lumen is working on that issue, we will update this as soon as we know more