Patchtime managament 2021 Region America and APAC

Dear customer,

year 2020 is ending and we want to wish you a happy new year 2021!

We also want to inform you about some changes in our regular security patching which needs to be done as there are many systems in many time zones meanwhile.

In order to give each system the attention which it may need after patching we will patch by region on different days.

Europe Region: we will keep the current patching, means

    • QA systems will be patched on Thursday after 2nd Tuesday each month
    • Production systems will be patched on Friday after 2nd Tuesday each month

America Region:

    • QA: On the 3rd Tuesday of each month
    • Production: The 3rd Tuesday to Wednesday night of each month

APAC Region:

    • QA: On Thursday after each 3. Tuesday of the month
    • Production: The Thursday to Friday night after each 3. Tuesday of the month

As usual patching of production systems will take place in the first hours of the day, e.g. “Friday” usually means from Friday 0 am to 5 am within the respective time zone. Patching of Development systems take place at 10 AM, QA / Stage systems take place at 2 PM.

We will send upfront notifications with exact dates as usual, however per region in future. If you have systems in several regions then you will receive several notifications.The dates for patching in Europe will stay the same as before.

We reserve the right to move patch dates, e.g. due to national holidays or later availability of upstream patches,

All the best
Your MCON Managed Services Team