Patch Day December 2020 – System Upgrades MCON Managed Services

Dear Sir or Madam,

according to our announcement below the patches were successfully done. All systems are up and running. However if you encounter any problem please contact

We sucessfully migrated the IPv4 routing to the new Lumen connection, the IPv6 connection is still on the old line and will be migrated in the next days, there should be no noticeable downtime and only a very minor part of the traffic is IPv6, we will carry out this work without further notification.

Best regards
Your MCON Managed Services Team

Announcement from 3th December 2020:

In order to keep our server systems updated and secure, we need to apply patches on a regular basis.

The next patch day is scheduled for Thursday, December 10th 2020 at 11 pm till Friday, December 11th 04 am*.

The patches for the development and QA systems are applied one day earlier on Thursday, December 10th 2020, development starting at 09 am and QA starting at 10 pmThe purpose of this gap is to be able to recognize problems that could be introduced by software patching before the production systems are patched.

There may be short downtimes during service, or when the operating system restarts.

In addition to the regular patching the external firewall in DC3HAM will be exchanged, this means new hardware and new software.
The new firewall incorporates a different Intrusion Prevention Engine but due to the fact it uses identical rules, we do not expect any false positives.
Should you experience that requests are being blocked, please write a ticket explaining exactly what happened and how to test it to
In very urgent cases please call us on the phone number mentioned in your contract.

Best regards

Your MCON Managed Services Team

The times are valid for the respective timezone