Coronavirus/COVID 19 – Business Continuity

Due to recent events involving the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID 19 Pandemic, we would like to inform you about our Business Continuity Plan at MCON.

We activated Coronavirus related policies around the globe for all our offices and teams. In general our business is highly independent from office locations. All governmental requests, suggestions and policies for the different regions are met and MCON will be adjust its policies as official announcements are updated. MCON will support all efforts to decelerate the spreading of the virus.

Our teams are used to have daily global standup meetings via zoom video conferencing, communication channels like IM have been implemented ages ago and are used on a daily basis, so working from home office does not disrupt our services at all. The team in China is already working from home office since Chinese New Year. All external meetings and business travel have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

We are happy and thankful that as of yet, we have had not a single case of infection with the Coronavirus in our staff or their families around the world.

You should not experience any change or disruption in the services we provide.

Thank you for your consideration and all the best for you, your co-workers and your families.